Keren Kuenberg Open House

Open House event

Curator, producer and guided tours Open House events in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv (2015-2017)

Since the ‘Open House’ event arrived in Israel over ten years ago, I took an active part in its production: first as a volunteer and later as a guide in the festival’s tours both in Tel Aviv ( ‘Arab Modernism in Jaffa’, 2014) and Jerusalem (‘Ethiopian in Zion’ 2015-2017, ‘The Palace of Empress Taytu’ 2016, ‘The Pillbox Opens its Doors’ 2016, ‘Jerusalem of Iron’ 2017, ‘In the Footsteps of the Ceramics’ 2017). In 2016 I joined the Open House team as the curator of the events in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv (2016, 2017), a position in which additionally to programming and producing I initiated site-specific projects (such as the reopening of the British-era military Pillbox) and was responsible for the festivals’ programming, website, volunteers management, map design, photography, commissioned performances and on-site production.